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Diablo 3 Best Monk Build Inferno Spec – III Solo Elites Easy – VK Build HD | Marketingblog.waterfalldreams.com

Diablo 3 Best Monk Build Inferno Spec – III Solo Elites Easy – VK Build HD

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This was recorded 6-7 days after the release of Diablo 3. At the present, there is still significant difficulty in Inferno mode, as few people have access to decent gear, servers are laggy, and AH is constantly down. This is a build that will help you get past act2 with a monk, even if your gear is awful. Diablo 3 III Monk Build for Inferno ! This is before the patch, and Monks are now significantly buffed. All footage from the game within this video is solely the rights of Blizzard, 2012, and I claim no ownership whatsoever for D3 in a creative manner. Opinions within are solely my own, music within is mine as well. Vudu Kat – I’m Weird

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  1. whysth3rumgon3
    2053 days ago

    Options -> Gameplay -> Elective Mode
    It let’s you put any active skill in any slot even if they are from the same tab.

  2. vudukatacomb
    2053 days ago

    dat mode

  3. vudukatacomb
    2053 days ago

    well if u have 900 res to all.. your gear is really skewed and u prob have under 20k dps and hp..

    dont even know if 900res is possible with this spec

    but im farmin act4 atm. the only real change ive done is the blind instead of a 2nd dps talent

  4. Ryan Davis
    2053 days ago

    (raw dmg)*(after armor reduction)*(after resistances)*(any class reductions)=dmg taken
    100,000 * .38 * .44 (.70 for melee here) = 16,720 (11704 for a melee)
    I’m not entirely sure if melee 30% reduction is applied before or after the other stuff but either way the difference is minuscule so It really doesn’t matter. Hope this helps.

  5. Ryan Davis
    2053 days ago

    4 affixes on the champions he fought, it’s inferno

  6. legodias
    2052 days ago

    why my monk does not have wings?! oO

  7. olliman007
    2052 days ago

    because u arent real diablo 3 fan :(

  8. bbonnley
    2052 days ago

    nice beats

  9. concubinage
    2052 days ago

    hOW DO you get wings on your monk????

  10. reyalskrad1
    2052 days ago

    special edition d3.

  11. dartlee
    2052 days ago

    good job on the build, and i must say awesome chill beats.

  12. eriksjon89
    2051 days ago

    really like this build! just tried it out yesterday, bought gear for about 110k and works like a charm ;) but i did tweak the build alittle. instead of the wind bladestorm i have blind with faith in light and instead of hundred fists i have deadly reach to get even more range. very satisfied!

  13. TheVecro
    2051 days ago

    good stuff man , we should play together sometime later

  14. vudukatacomb
    2051 days ago

    Those are the exact 2 changes ive made. I use blind with increased damage, (faith in light) and the reach with the armor rune.

    2051 days ago

    Hey bro! I have some questions about being a monk.. could you please talk to me in game? I see you just commented back a minute ago and if you could just talk to me for a little, i won’t be annoying or anything. my battle tag is critaaaaaaaa#1844. thanks man. this video is really helpful and i would really appreciate talking to you!

  16. mtgbrainstorm
    2051 days ago

    Nice work my friend!

  17. sengthor84
    2051 days ago

    Am I doing something wrong? because my damage is about 3k. not sure how you have 12k + damage. -_-” Maybe I’m just not understanding how monks work?

  18. vudukatacomb
    2051 days ago

    Yes you are definitely doing something wrong.
    In inferno I had 9k or so, right now in act 4 i have 27k.
    When I search for gear in AH I search for Dex, Vit, resistances, life% in that order.

  19. TheVecro
    2051 days ago

    how much dex ,armor and health u have now ?

  20. TheArchiman101
    2051 days ago

    Loved the video… Sweet music too.

  21. sengthor84
    2051 days ago

    ah ok.. thanks, i’ll try that out.. because im getting 1 shotted really bad haha in inferno.

  22. Trollolol22
    2051 days ago

    Trying this build out now… also just to let you know you sound like you do commenting and narorating for a living.

  23. Trollolol22
    2051 days ago

    what is your hp in this vid?

  24. Trollolol22
    2051 days ago

    cuz i have 25k hp with 8.9k dmg, with 504 resist all

  25. edanluff
    2051 days ago

    How do u get them angel wings?


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